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    La 80 – aprile 2021

    La Ottanta greets the gray of winter and allows boats and crews to get back into the water at the start of the sailing season. The second weekend of April, X-2 and X-All, is held along the Caorle-Grado-Pirano (SLO) route and back. The departure is given on Saturday and the arrival by Sunday.

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    La 100 miglia adriatica – aprile 2021

    In April 2020 the 9th edition of the 100 Miglia Adriatica takes place. It is a young offshore regatta that adds to the panorama of competitions taking place in the Adriatic Sea. The event is dedicated to ORC registered boats with double or more crews and is organized by the Treviso Sailing Club. The Regatta is spread over ...

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    La 200 – May 2020

    The Duecento has been held since 1994. The name of the regatta derives from the miles to go, two hundred, along one of the most unpredictable and fascinating scenarios of the upper Adriatic: departure from Caorle, passage for the buoy of Grado, then route to the island of Sansego, both X2, with only two skippers, and XTutti, with complete crew. The regatta takes place on the second weekend ...

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    La Transadriatica – giugno 2021

    The Transadriatica is the historic event of the Diporto Velico Veneziano which unites Venice with Novigrad.
    A splendid night race from Venice to Novigrad and back that is certainly a great stimulus for the racers but at the same time has the flavor of a mini cruise in Croatia. It takes place at the beginning of June and lasts 4 days.

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    La Cooking Cup – giugno 2021

    Refuel the galley and hoist the sails because it's time for the Cooking Cup, the traditional regatta of the Venetian lagoon that combines sailing and cooking.
    10 miles of navigation in which each boat in the race must present a recipe to choose from appetizer, first, second or single dish.
    An excellent jury will evaluate the goodness, difficulty of execution and presentation of the dish at the time of delivery.

    Committee ...

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    Solo a Vela – settembre 2021

    The traditional opening event of the second part of the season, a sailing event with a double crossing, over a weekend, of the North Adriatic between the Venetian and Slovenian coasts and back; as well as a challenge on tactics and strategies, the opportunity to navigate and share the social spirit of the sailing club together.