C'è sempre un buon motivo per andare in barca a vela

Le nostre attività sono studiate per renderti partecipe e protagonista delle navigazioni. Che tu sia un allievo alle prime armi, un aspirante skipper o un appassionato regatante abbiamo l'attività giusta per te. Siamo aperti tutto l'anno, la nostra base nautica è a P.to S.ta Margherita di Caorle e se cerchi un percorso personalizzato non ti resta che contattarci.

Sailing School

Sailing Time é la prima scuola italiana accreditata con l'International Yacht Training (IYT) in Adriatico.
Sailing instructors are also certified by the Italian Naval League (LNI). You can plan your individual or group tour with us to learn how to navigate and the basics of maritime art.

Sport Cruises

Multi-day cruises aboard a sailing cruiser. Ideal for those who want to learn to navigate or improve their knowledge.


With a powerful Sintesi 45 we participate in the regattas in the North Adriatic. Ideal for boating and having fun even in low season. Suitable for all levels of preparation: the desire to get involved and team spirit is essential.

IYT Worldwide is the standard of excellence in nautical training, in maritime certification and in safety throughout the world.      

A growing number of maritime associations and 24 jurisdictions around the world recognize IYT certifications. Over 250 schools in 56 countries have adopted the IYT curriculum.

IYT is renowned for its professional courses such as the Master of Yachts Coastal, Limited and Unlimited, the Superyacht Chef, the Superyacht Deck Crew, the Professional Superyacht Hospitality and the STCW Training.

IYT courses are offered worldwide through a network of partner schools. Among these in Italy “Sailing Time – Italy” that operates in the North Adriatic Sea. Through these schools the company offers a whole range of recreational courses, from basic sailing and motorboat courses to Yachtmaster Ocean.

No other organization offers such a diverse range of nautical training or is internationally accepted as IYT.

The boat for courses and regattas: Gran Pesto

Gran Pesto in the San Marco Basin in Venice

Gran Pesto is a Sintesi 45 suitable for regattas and sport cruises. It is a boat that sails well even in light winds, so perfect for sailing courses. In racing it becomes competitive over the 10kts of real and in cruise offers great satisfaction for those who prefer the sails to the engine.

The interior fittings include three double cabins, a bathroom and a kitchen. The cockpit is spacious and allows comfortable maneuvering in the race and ample space on the cruise.

Not to be missed

Choose your next experience with Sailing Time

Zero to hero – 12 giorni

A complete intensive course for everyone that combines the fun of a sailing course with the charm of a sports cruise.

Teaching combines the International Crew Course and the Bare Boat Skipper Course modules. This course is structured in such a way as to give candidates the possibility of covering the 200 miles and 10 days of navigation necessary to access the exam that will take place directly on board.

Fine settimana in barca a vela – barca in esclusiva

A weekend in close contact with the sea, the sun and the gentle Istrian coasts that are home to picturesque seaside villages. The best opportunity to experience the pleasures of the cruise in the space of two days.

Bare Boat Skipper - 6 days

The course Skipper is a six days course. It is not for beginners and entry level recommended requirements are  over 200 nautical miles and 10 days in the sea before taking the exam. The candidate must ...

Do you prefer to study at home? E-learning! Take the online course for free and come to us for the practical assessment and exam.

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